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New Wool Resource Center launched in Hong Kong

20 May 2016

 Australian Wool Innovation has dispatched the Woolmark Wool Resource Center in Hong Kong. Situated in Kowloon Tower Landmark East building, the middle is a worldwide center point for all things fleece, giving business sector knowledge, specialized developments and sourcing data for spinners, knitters, retailers, creators, understudies, article of clothing producers and going to woolgrowers. 

As a feature of its intelligent system, The Woolmark Company will likewise have classes and preparing workshops for any individual who is enthusiastic about comprehension the common properties of fleece. 

Hong Kong is an assembling center for spinners and knitters with numerous worldwide brands going there for sourcing trips. It has a long history in the sourcing of Australian fleece and was a coherent decision to house the Wool Resource Center. 

"The Wool Resource Center in Hong Kong is a multi-practical space committed to item and procedure development to be utilized by all our accomplices all through the inventory network," clarifies The Woolmark Company Managing Director Stuart McCullough. 

"Woolgrowers setting out to Asia can utilize the inside for industry presentations, store network accomplices can showcase their item or host a dispatch, and fashioners can discover motivation and touch and feel the most recent and most prominent in fleece. Essentially, it additionally associates the Hong Kong office of The Woolmark Company with worldwide players in the fleece business, going about as a perpetual exchange space with the mean to help guests enhance business connections and business results." 

The Wool Resource Center incorporates a library, a showroom and an occasions space for guests to create and upgrade their training on wool. There are six separate zones including open-arrangement workspaces, an auditorium. 


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