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New name for universal wool productions

03 December 2015

Wool Trade International magazine has been distributed once every year for over 20 years. Its new name – Wool2Yarn Global – mirrors the developing number of yarn fabricates that are presently a critical feature of this production. The new name likewise better mirrors its extending worldwide readership with a wide profile from fleece producer to fabric, cover and piece of clothing makers in more than 58 nations. 

2015 issue of Wool2Yarn Global and Wool2Yarn China have been distributed for this present month and perusers will get their duplicate by mid December. 

Worldwide Trade Publications distributed its first magazine in Russian in1986 when the Soviet Union was the greatest purchaser of fleece. After the breakdown of the Soviet Union this production was superseded by a New Zealand/Australian English dialect release that soon extended to incorporate profiles on exporters and processors in Peru, Uruguay, South Africa, Russia, UK and a large portion of Western Europe. 


In 1999 it further extended its production rundown to incorporate WOOL EXPORTER CHINA (now Wool2Yarn China) to mirror the developing significance of Asia and specifically China. This Chinese dialect magazine assumes a critical part as a correspondence connection between the worldwide fleece industry and the wool business in China. 


Wool2Yarn Global is a business-to-business production committed to advancing wool and claim to fame filaments including mohair, alpaca, vicuña and cashmere. Publication articles cover all parts of this industry, from ranch entryway to yarn and fabric. Its readership incorporates all real wool purchasers, processors, spinners and weavers, fabric and article of clothing makes and real brand and retail chains the world over. 

The 2015 issue of Wool2Yarn Global is brimming with industry news and sentiment pieces from surely understood and commonplace figures. It elements reports from wool creating nations and claim to fame fiber businesses, news and data about the most recent advancements in material hardware, wool testing. 

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