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Backing is developing for online wool offering in Australia

22 August 2015

Review board part and previous seat of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Graeme Samuel, said while there was some suspicion for the proposition toward the begin of the day's discussions, before the end there was a sense it was a thought that had merit. 


"After more data had turned out and there'd been more examination, the members were really saying 'we've got a few thoughts regarding different parts of what you are proposing, would we be able to contribute those thoughts?'" 


Mr Samuel said a fleece trade entry would convey more rivalry to fleece deals. 


"It gives producers – those that are offering their fleece – diverse choices and distinctive procedures for directing the deal exchange," he said. 


"It gives purchasers distinctive choices for effecting their buy exchange. It empowers more purchasers to enter the business sector, especially global sources, all that makes rivalry." 


The board will convey their suggestions to Australian Wool Innovation before the year's over. 


Mr Samuel said the fleece trade entry would be vital to their recommendations on enhancing fleece deals. 


"It is clear in our perspective that the most imperative proposal is liable to be that identifying with the fleece trade entry," he said. 

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