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NK Ingredients converts 10,000 tonnes of woolgrease into lanolin

13 February 2015

NK Ingredients Pte Ltd (formally known as NK Chemicals Pte Ltd) has been in business for 20 years and was established to manufacture Lanolin and its derivatives. Today it operates one of the largest, most modern, integrated lanolin manufacturing operation in the world.

‘We select wool grease suppliers that provide a consistent and premium quality wool grease’, says Mr See Leng Hui Business Development Manager. ‘Our custom base has been built on our stringent quality control and accreditation, as well as adherence to agreed deliver timing.’


NK Ingredients certification includes * ISO 9001:2008 * Certificate of Suitability by the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare (EDQM) for the manufacture of wool fat.

* Ecocert certified grades * Halal certificate * Kashruth Kosher certified grades.

Based in Singapore the company operates from its Jurong plant within an area of 53,500 square metres and a capacity to convert 10,000 tonnes of woolgrease into lanolin, lanolin derivatives and cholesterol. ‘Our entire manufacturing is fully automated and coordinated by a state of the art computerised control system. We sell our products worldwide using a network of selected distributors and partners to big multinational companies in Europe and America. Health and environment must be without question.’


The setting up of Compass Wool, just over the Singapore causeway in Malaysia – in no way reduces the supply needs to NK Ingredients from around the world, commented Mr See. ‘Although Compass Wool will definitely provide us with consistency of supply we are keen to continue relationships with wool grease suppliers worldwide including China, Australia and South America and this will not diminish,’ he said.

‘Looking to the future, we are developing new products and embracing new technology. Although our plant in Singapore is 25 years old it is consistently upgraded to meet the demands and expectations of our international clients.

‘We are very good at producing customised batches in our Singapore plant. Because of the way the Singapore plant operates we can easily produce tailored quality for our customers. This service includes personalised batches that need not be large in quantity. If you need something special talk to us’, Mr See remarks.

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